Friday, March 11, 2011

Now I use Photoshop "baking" chocolate wafer

1. Photoshop software to create a new resolution of 300, size 20 * 30 file (custom sizes can also, if it is to practice proper canvas size and resolution can be reduced), in the canvas with a set of the new layer tools to draw the shape of constituencies in Figure.

Photoshop software at a resolution of 300 new, size 20 * 30 documents

2. Select the color panel, select the color values as shown.

Select the color panel

3. Fill


4. New layer set of the tools used to map out the shape of crispy chocolate profile, select the color value as shown in Figure and then filled.

Select color value as shown in Figure and then fill

5. Back to the wafer level through set of tools selected by the dark side, and then open the Hue / Saturation panel to adjust the dark surface color, value as shown.


6. The chocolate layer shape with a pencil and eraser tools to integrate changes to the satisfaction, attention to the perspective of the overall shape and structure to shape the natural feel comfortable.

Chocolate layer will form with a pencil and eraser tools to integrate changes to the satisfaction


7. The chocolate layer of transparent pixels option set cable set, select the burn tool to chocolate's bright face paint, this step size and emergence as large with a little brush, this is somewhat of a draw with the soft colors drawing tablet if you can use a lesser force more slowly drawn, if the transparency with the mouse can not reduction, which is more easily controlled.

Chocolate layer will be transparent pixels option cable set

8. Select burn tool to draw the dark side of chocolate, where some small value to reduce brush, light and dark boundary line where attention to deepening this bright face, dark face, all reflectors, and a general shape of a chocolate wafer on out!

Select burn tool to draw the dark side of chocolate

9. Save, activity, rest, drink plenty of water (not I take up the layout to be Yo).


10. Open the painter, beginning with the initial characterization Pastels tools.

Beginning with the initial characterization pastel tools

11. New layer, using the free lasso tool to draw random Wei gorgeous three chocolate sandwich, is drawing attention to perspective, when the draw can be difficult to press in Painter e see rotating canvas, can be drawn from the more convenient time .

Lasso tool with a free random draw of three gorgeous chocolate sandwich Gateway

12. Atlas results.

Upon completion of the effect of drawing


13. Another new layer, use the pencil tool to draw out the prestige of the box.

Another new layer, use the pencil tool to draw the box wafer

14. In the box just to build the next layer of layer thickness used to draw the box at the bulge, if the fear of chaos the best we have played each layer corresponding to the name, such as: Chocolate Crispy / wafer / chocolate wafer / wafer grid so lazy ~ ~ I used to, you learn my table. The benefits of layered drawing after drawing and revision is more convenient when it is best to layer files have been retained, if sometimes need to draw together the paper layers suggest that you save commingled documents finalized until after the clean-up work unnecessary extra file, so that the customer whim, when you modify the helpless.

The next layer in the box just to build a layer of thickness used to draw squares raised

15. As an only two-tier chocolate and wafer paper, drew a more convenient way. In the wafer level up with pastel painting some texture, texture options to find the appropriate grain of the paper can be.

Save a chocolate and wafer only two documents

16. Partial Characterization of wafer texture, pay attention to the gap between the size, shape and density relations, enhance texture, so that other people feel after reading a kind of crisp. In order to enrich the details of the edge of the wafer processing into irregular shapes, as if by breaking off or bite off feeling better reflect the texture of food, food illustration of the main conditions that arouse the appetite of buyers, when their edge painting on the side of drooling about this plan, ha ha.

Partial Characterization of wafer texture

17. Still is to modify the original smooth and rich picture of a corner.

Remains is to modify the original smooth rich picture of a corner

18. Probably draw the complete look.

Atlas about the way


19. The chocolate layer of chocolate with a pastel drawn about the accumulation of texture after freezing. This need not be too concerned about the law of the first Anzhe drawn towards it can be, the back can be gradually in-depth.

In the chocolate layer chocolate with pastel drawn about the accumulation of texture after freezing

20. Continued to deepen, to adjust some colors to make it feel lively loss of appetite.

Continued to deepen, to adjust some colors to make it feel bright with appetite

21. Widening relations between light and dark, so bright face and dark side more apparent.

Widening relations between light and dark, so bright and dark side more visible surface

22. Back to the photoshop tools to make chocolate using highlighting the high light, this time to observe the physical and more pictures, pay attention to the structure and movement of high optical density levels.

Back to the photoshop tools to make chocolate using highlighting the high light

23. Largely complete, I built in a layer of chocolate layer, Airbrush tool with a big spray of virtual circle and the circle's layer mode to overlay, opacity set to 46%, about wafer The color becomes enticing!

Largely complete, I built in a layer of chocolate layer

24. Chocolate chocolate layer in the selected location other than the blank, back to that level to draw the delete button, so that the color of emission outside the chocolate layer was removed.

Chocolate chocolate layer in the selected location other than the blank

25. Removed the overall effect.

The overall effect of deletion


26. The circular layer and chocolate layer merge in order to draw in the next step.

The circular layer and chocolate layer merge in order to draw in the next step

27. Save, rest (back again)

28. To further characterize painter texture of chocolate, still can be combined to improve the drawing canvas to facilitate rotation degrees (do not tell me you forgot to rotate canvas shortcut built - is "e" O).

To further characterize painter texture of chocolate

29. A drawing of the local chocolate, color attractive, seductive colors, saliva ing.

Drawing a local chocolate

30. Largely complete results.

Upon completion of the effect of general

31. Is not looking at what disadvantages? The point it is too bald, good! We add some splash to fly slag, refreshing effect on the performance of food texture Yo. Back to photoshop in the wafer layer with free copies of a few prestige Lasso tool to draw a new layer so we can modify the drawing. What? Why not re-painting? Come on, time is short and heavy task, the customer always mad you still feel re-painting? Rational use of resources in line does not look favorable?

Plus some flying slag splashing

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2008 CN 1 per registered domain name to maintain price

2007, CN domain name registration prices for nearly a year to maintain the price of 1 yuan experience, domain name registration authorities, according to China Internet Network Information Center issued a notice yesterday, during the year 2008, the new CN domain names registered, will enjoy the first year of 1 per Registration price. Meanwhile, at 12 o'clock on the March 7, 2007 to December 31, 2007 between the 24-point registration, period of 1 year of CN domain name in 2008 continued the second year in fees, will also enjoy a Price per renewals.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rising drug war Kaspersky million reward

Foreign and domestic anti-virus software vendor Kaspersky anti-virus software vendors between Rising "manslaughter" incident escalation. Yesterday, Rising lawyers issued a statement the company, said that already know a lot of conclusive evidence that the gunman repeatedly Kaspersky employed Forum Rising malicious slander the company, alleged violations of "The People's Republic of China Against Unfair Competition Law," and offering a reward of 1 million collected more more evidence on the Kaspersky company international prosecution. Kaspersky said the company did not respond to the incident.

According to industry sources, the incident reflected the domestic anti-virus software market, highly competitive, in order to achieve a commercial purpose, there are companies against each other undesirable phenomena.

Rising: Kaspersky defamation

Rising newspaper in a statement issued yesterday said that since the September 2006 date, the company employed more than Kaspersky forum, blog media company and a large number of forums gunmen (including part of the forum moderators and webmaster), impersonate the user name, by exaggerating the Kaspersky product features, and declared that "Rising product unusable," "can not find the virus," and so wantonly slandered Rising brand and product image, to mislead and deceive the public, and caused the company to the Rising The adverse social impact of serious violations of the Rising legitimate rights and interests of the company's goodwill, the company has seriously affected the normal operation of Rising and caused huge economic losses. Kaspersky companies such acts have been alleged violations of "The People's Republic of China Against Unfair Competition Law," and constitutes defamation. Meanwhile, the Rising company also faxed to the newspaper part of the evidence at their disposal a sample.

Meanwhile, the company Rising said yesterday, in view of the company hired several Kaspersky Forum Communications and the gunmen, the company on the Rising up to 9 months of malicious attacks, the company announced Rising, offering a reward of one million yuan to the community to continue to solicit relevant evidence. Was limited to collecting the evidence, on behalf of Kaspersky Labs Forum Communications Rising attacks and forum gunmen (including some of the moderator), on the forum slander, attack behavior Rising commercial contracts, organizational planning, communication, correspondence and tasks , remuneration and other information that the specific approach will reward announced in recent days.

Kaspersky still remain silent

Rising said in a statement, will be asking for more evidence, filed an international lawsuit against Kaspersky, and related media company forum, forums gunmen (including some of the moderator) sued the company and personal commitments related to civil and Criminal and all legal responsibility and compensate all the economic losses.

20, said in a statement on the incident will not make any response to the Kaspersky Chinese companies still remain silent yesterday.

Kaspersky newspaper reporter called the marketing department of China, a dish lady told reporters that at present the company's statement did not make any response Rising. Chinese companies in the Kaspersky site, the reporter saw only 20 issued on "Kaspersky response to killing Rising card" statement, and on May 22 released "Kaspersky not manslaughter China Taiwan Area Windows XP, cause system crashes explanatory notes. "

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ASUS extortion case, although he hot events

[Event playback]

Huang Jingwei right Sorrow

? February 9, 2006, Huang Jing (Dragon consider coming) in the new Albert and Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. (ASUS computer agents) to 20,900 yuan price, bought a ASUS V6800V notebook computer, the processor configuration is: Intel Corporation produced Pentium-m760 2.0G CPU.

? February 9, 2006, although he found that the computer appears to go home immediately after use disorders, and new contact, and then sent to the new computer company, accompanied by the new company Asustek Computer Beijing Haidian Branch (Pacific Building, 11th floor) detection, ASUS engineers testing, although he later told the computer without any hardware failure, to reinstall the system software to work properly.

? February 10, 2006 morning, although he received notice ASUS back to the computer and found that computer use is still not normal. Sent to the computer again the afternoon ASUS Beijing Haidian Branch Testing and requested return new company, new company promises to return if there is a hardware failure. If there is no hardware failure, then, can not be returned. Asustek was detected on the aircraft after the issuance of the Department of ASUS Royal Club service behavior report card, ASUS engineers, although he told the machine without hardware failure, or re-install the software, the problem solved. Huang Jing persuaded engineers at ASUS, the computer back.

? February 10, 2006 evening, although he found that the computer appeared to run instability and frequent crashes, then seek help from friends Zhou Chengyu. Zhou Chengyu software inside the computer after the test revealed that the first wife of the original official version of Pentium-m 760 2.0G CPU processor replaced into engineering sample ES 2.13G CPU. Accordance with the relevant provisions of Intel, engineering sample processor CPU is not allowed on to the end-user products. Zhou also found that the Department of ASUS Royal Club service behavior report card with an explicit note: the original 2.0G CPU upgrade morning to 2.13G CPU words.

? Huang Jing on February 14, 2006 morning, accompanied by lawyers, to bring recording equipment and video equipment to Asustek. ASUS engineers replace the CPU recognizes the situation and to guarantee for genuine original ASUS CPU to make sure you can enjoy the service at the ASUS is no problem.

? February 14, 2006, the Huang Jing Zhou Chengyu and long-commissioned economic counsel to the law firm shume ASUS legal issues related to rights protection.

? February 14, 2006? March 7, 2006, Huang Jing, Zhou Chengyu, a number of occasions shume lawyer consultations and negotiations with the ASUS and ASUS funding request for the establishment of five million U.S. dollars China's anti-consumer fraud Foundation As a condition of the proposed settlement, if no agreement was reached in Beijing Haidian District People's Court will bring a civil action.

? February 16, 2006 should be ASUS request Notary Office in Beijing by the ASUS engineers tested the aircraft, the results confirm that this machine was dress up the project within the sample processor CPU correctly. Settlement negotiations, including ASUS, general manager of China business group Xuyou Jia, Wei Zheng, director of the brand, including a number of senior also admitted that the issue replacement CPU engineering samples, and details the replacement process.

? February 18, 2006, Huang Jing and Zhou Chengyu to Intel (China) Co., Ltd., the Intel public relations manager Wang Honghua ASUS introduced the use of works in the service process of the case sample processor CPU, Intel said it attached great importance to this matter, and willingness to supervise the proper solution as soon as possible ASUS.

? March 5, 2006, the case of unsuccessful negotiations on many occasions, although he decided to court, to resolve the matter through the legal process, and officially inform the ASUS company plans to start the appropriate legal proceedings.

? March 7, 2006, Asustek to negotiate the ground, although he and an agent will call to ASUS Zhou Chengyu Beijing branch, and then warning of their arrests.

? March 8, 2006, Huang Jing and its agents Zhou Chengyu, by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Haidian Branch of criminal detention on suspicion of extortion.

? April 14, 2006, Huang Jing and its agents Zhou Chengyu, was Haidian District People's Procuratorate approved the arrest of alleged extortion.

? June 13, 2006, and their agents, Zhou Chengyu, although he received the Haidian District People's Procuratorate issued on the admissibility of two people suspected of extortion suspects rights and obligations of this book.

? July 26, 2006? November 10, Haidian District, Beijing People's Procuratorate, citing insufficient evidence to return the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Haidian Branch of the two supplementary investigation.

? December 26, 2006, Beijing Haidian District People's Procuratorate, citing insufficient evidence, although he approved bail.

? November 7, 2007, Beijing Haidian District People's Procuratorate, citing insufficient evidence, although he made against the decision not to prosecute.

? June 5, 2008, Huang Ching-to Haidian District People's Procuratorate wrong case for state compensation.

? June 16, 2008, Beijing Haidian District People's Procuratorate issued a review of the criminal, although he claims a notice of claim for compensation into the confirmation process.

ASUS should read

? February 9, 2006, Asustek's notebook computer engineers in the Huang Jing case of failure to make a reply without the need for hardware maintenance.

? February 10, 2006, ASUS did not inform the user in cases where the name without authorization to a free upgrade, illegal use of engineering samples of original CPU to replace the official version of CPU, and commitment to the genuine replacement parts as Asus, Asus enjoy free warranty service .

? February 15, 2006, China Business Group General Manager Xu Youjia ASUS promises the detection of the notebook computer CPU to be replaced within 24 hours of treatment comments. But on Feb. 16 in Beijing Notary Office ASUS engineers recognized the problem after testing machine, Xu Youjia not make any response on this issue.

? February 18, 2006, and ASUS ASUS lawyer China practice group brand director Wei Zheng, together with Huang Jing and agents Zhou Chengyu, and attorney shume interview. ASUS willing to take the initiative, said the scope of compensation than the law, and made up to 10 days to make the investigation.

? March 1, 2006, Asustek attorney on behalf of Cheng Wei and overthrow the company has been recognized before all levels, on the ASUS irregularities in the process of replacement of test samples of the fact that processor, and expressed the need for more time to investigation.

? March 2, 2006, Asustek notebook computer to delete all on the maintenance and parts replacement information, the contents of its associated products in the ASUS service center Beijing can no longer check.

? March 6 2006, ASUS reported to the police authority, said Zheng Wei by extortion. Reporting record, ASUS CPU engineering samples with concealed, although he replaced the original notebook computer CPU, the official version of the facts, allegations and their agents, Zhou Chengyu, although he is as a pretext for malicious extortion.

? March 7, 2006, Wei Cheng, ASUS authorized to negotiate, although he and the agents Zhou Chengyu grounds to call to ASUS Beijing Haidian Branch, notify the police in their implementation of the company were arrested on 2.

? April 10, 2006, Asustek multiple portals in China and well-known Web site said in a statement: "Recently, Zhou Chengyu, Dragon consider coming two by Asustek, during maintenance the ground using a test version of CPU, the ASUS extortion extort five million U.S. dollars, a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of our company, but also the normal operations of our company has had a huge impact. "

? April 11, 2006, Asustek and the well-known in the domestic portal sites more than twice a statement released said: "The company was the suspect regarding the extortion of five million U.S. dollars, as has already entered the judicial process, the Company did not receive all the staff any media. for any inaccurate media coverage of the company to retain the power of legal recourse. Please do not quote all the media misinformation. "

? April 13, 2006, China Business Group, general manager of Asustek Da Yang Xu Youjia acceptance - "Guangzhou Daily" interview, said: "ASUS is a victim, there is a suspect in the extortion of ASUS. Asustek is absolutely no sale of the so-called false CPU or test CPU, it is absolutely'm responsible, so we dare to report. "

? December 26, 2006, Huang Ching-wronged after 10 months of imprisonment, the state judiciary to establish the truth, be acquitted. ASUS did not take the initiative to make any response to this.

? In the wrong case for state compensation, although he entered after the confirmation process, agency lawyers on July 8, 2008 to the Intel (China) Co., Ltd. issued quickly by, and interviews with representatives of the company. The company later said that it has the relevant information to the ASUS, ASUS, but did not respond.

? August 7, 2008, Huang Ching-agent lawyers group to the ASUS brand director of China operations issued quickly by Cheng Wei. August 11, Wei Zheng overdue response in the case, Zhang Ping, Zheng Wei, I call the lawyer again. Zheng Wei responded that this matter has nothing to do with her, she no matter the issue.

? August 11, 2008, the parties call the Zheng Zhou Chengyu Wei, Zheng Wei said that no matter where Asus is not afraid to prosecute. Since then the parties and lawyers no longer access the phone.

Counsel endorsement extract

To Asustek Computer Corporation, chairman of the open letter

Dear Mr. Johnny Shih:


April 2006, outbreaks in the mainland, "ASUS claims the incident has been astronomical," do not know if you have heard about? In this event which, ASUS fictitious company used illegal means to the facts and conceal the truth police, resulting in innocent consumers to imprisonment . Asustek This caused an uproar in the domestic media, hundreds of websites, newspapers, magazines, carried a report on the incident. However, ASUS has used a powerful enterprise resource and public relations efforts, published in the media distorted the facts of the two statements, consumer rights protection act to slander, and to demand the media stop reporting the incident, this cleared up, cover up their own company The purpose of the scandal.

The incident has been two and a half years, Asustek knowing wrongdoing, it has never had any remorse, but that has been used tough, arrogant, indifferent attitude to the corresponding negative. To this end we are very puzzled. Because the various performance ASUS advocated doing your business the most important thing is completely contrary to the idea responsibilities.

Before this incident occurred, although he is an excellent college students, a beautiful, vivacious girl. Her hobbies rich and more willing to try and take on challenges. Huang Ching-known student in Beijing, Capital University of Economics English. During her outstanding achievements in school, love life, has been serving as student leaders, deeply loved by students and teachers. Huang Jing was born in a military family, the mother in business, his childhood family was excellent. Funded by her mother, the end of 2005 to acquire a company in Beijing, although he served as the legal representative of the company.

ASUS bringing false charges against the company because, although he was detained nearly ten months time, suffered from mental to physical humiliation and torture unimaginable. In a state of despair, or even thought of using suicide to prove his innocence and innocent. After his release, ASUS has given the simple beauty of girls is still not the injury, so that any mention of "ASUS" word will bring her tremble with fear.

After the incident, although he was expelled from school, school disruption, future is doomed. Students, teachers, friends, relatives, misunderstood her and her family under great pressure all day long. In his early 20s is the best time of a girl, but, although he is not see for any hope. All this simply because, although he, as consumers, unwilling to endure ASUS fraud, legal rights protection results. Wronged by those who continue to be suffering the torment of the perpetrators are still shouting consumer oriented, people-oriented slogans, deceived the public at large. But the truth will always be revealed to the world of the day, fair mind. After all the lies were revealed, Asus will why the problem?

ASUS is a dare to responsible business? ASUS is to run a business with a conscience? "ASUS quality, rock-solid" phrase Asus's slogan in the mainland enjoys popular support, ASUS is the company's image has been very positive. But in the face of such a thing when the puzzling behavior of ASUS apart, more chilling is the consumers in general.

Consumer business regarded as God, there is a story we are willing to share with you: there is a claim to godliness opened a store sale of counterfeits, just before God, through his discovery of his fraud, to persuade God His apology to all customers. But he was afraid of revelations take responsibility, without any explanation to God's foot kicked over, stripped off the pants of God, all men beaten and humiliated in front of God, God is accused thief.鏈?悗缁忚繃娉曞畼鐨勮皟鏌ワ紝鐪熺浉澶х櫧浜嗭紝浣嗘槸浠栦粛鐒舵鏃犳倲杩囦箣蹇冿紝杩為亾姝夐兘涓嶆効鎰忋?鎮ㄨ寰楀ぇ瀹朵細鍘熻皡杩欎釜鎵?皳铏旇瘹鐨勪俊寰掑悧?


銆??鏃犺鏄綔涓轰釜浜烘垨鑰呬紒涓氾紝閮芥湁鍙兘鐘敊璇紝浣嗘槸鍗庣鍏徃鐘簡閿欒涔嬪悗锛屼笉鏄兂鐫?幓鏀规锛屽幓寮ヨˉ锛屽弽鑰屼负浜嗛?閬胯矗浠讳笉鏂湴鐢ㄦ柊鐨勯敊璇幓鎺╃洊銆傚崕纭曞叕鍙稿娑堣垂鑰呯殑杩欑鍐锋紶銆佹棤鎯咃紝浠や汉蹇冨瘨锛岃喘涔板崕纭曚骇鍝佹褰撶淮鏉冪珶琚崕纭曡闄锋姇鍏ュ啢鐙憋紝鏇存槸浠や汉鑳嗗瘨锛?br />
銆??鍗庣鏄竴瀹惰妯″簽澶х殑璺ㄥ浗鍏徃锛屾偍浣滀负鏈?珮璐熻矗浜哄叕鍔$箒蹇欙紝杩欎欢浜嬫儏鐨勮鎯呮垨璁稿苟鏈笂鎶ヨ嚦鍏徃鏈?珮鍐崇瓥灞傦紝鍦ㄦ涔嬪墠鎮ㄦ垨璁稿苟鏈湁杩囨繁鍏ヤ簡瑙c?浣滀负寰嬪笀锛屾垜浠彈褰撲簨浜哄鎵橈紝搴斿綋鍦ㄦ硶寰嬭寖鍥村唴缁存姢褰撲簨浜虹殑鍚堟硶鏉冪泭锛屾垜浠害甯屾湜鍗庣鍏徃閲囧彇绉瀬鎬佸害涓诲姩瑙e喅姝や簨銆備粖澶╋紝鎴戜滑璋ㄤ唬琛ㄥ綋浜嬩汉榛勯潤灏忓銆佸懆鎴愬畤鍏堢敓锛屽皢姝や簨浠跺悜鎮ㄤ綔涓?釜绠?崟浠嬬粛锛屽笇鏈涘彲浠ュ緱鍒版偍鐨勯噸瑙嗭紝鍚屾椂涔熷笇鏈涙偍鍙互鍦ㄨ瀹氭椂闄愪箣鍓嶄笌鎴戜滑鑱旂郴锛岃〃鏄庡崕纭曞叕鍙稿姝や簨鐨勬?搴︺?鎴戜滑浜︽槸涓哄Ε鍠勫鐞嗘浜嬪仛鏈?悗鐨勫姫鍔涗笌灏濊瘯銆?br />
銆??寰嬪笀鍥㈡垚鍛?绛惧悕) :

銆??寮犲钩寰嬪笀 浠樺崰骞冲緥甯?寮犳枔寰嬪笀

銆??2008骞?鏈?7鏃?br />


銆??杩戝嚑骞达紝鏈夊叧娑堣垂鑰呭埄鐢ㄥ晢瀹朵骇鍝佺憰鐤靛悜鐢熶骇鍘傚绱㈠彇楂橀璧斿伩鐨勬浠跺緢澶氾紝娑堣垂鑰呭悜鍟嗗澶╀环绱㈣禂绂讳笉绂昏氨锛熷悎涓嶅悎鐞嗭紵鐘笉鐘硶锛?br />
銆??涓?簺涓撳鎸囧嚭锛岀储璧旀槸娑堣垂鑰呭簲鏈夌殑鏉冨埄銆傛垜鍥姐?娑堣垂鑰呮潈鐩婁繚鎶ゆ硶銆嬫槑纭瀹氾細娑堣垂鑰呭湪璐拱銆佷娇鐢ㄥ晢鍝佹椂锛屽叾鍚堟硶鏉冪泭鍙楀埌鎹熷鐨勶紝鍙互鍚戦攢鍞?瑕佹眰璧斿伩銆?br />


銆??缃戝弸鈥滃埡浜戠鍏ョ洰鈥濓細榛勯潤鎻愬嚭璧斿伩閲戦锛屽張娌$敤鍒??鐫?崕纭曘?鏈?悗鍐冲畾璧斾粯棰濆害鍙栧喅浜庡弻鏂瑰崗鍟嗕竴鑷存垨娉曞緥璋冭В鐨勭粨鏋滐紝杩欏拰鏁茶瘓涓?偣鍏崇郴閮芥病鏈夈? "


銆??杩樻湁涓や釜缁忓父琚彁璧风殑渚嬪瓙銆?br />


銆??娑堣垂鑰呰涓猴紝杩欎簺璇夎妗堝苟涓嶈崚璇烇紝闄鍥㈡洿涓嶇櫧鐥达紝鍥犱负缇庡浗娉曞緥棣栧厛淇濇姢鐨勬槸娑堣垂鑰呮潈鐩婏紝鑰屼笉鏄巶瀹舵垨鍟嗗鐨勫埄鐩娿?鍝?娑堣垂鑰呮彁鍑轰簡鈥滃ぉ浠封?鐨勮禂鍋胯姹傦紝涔熶笉浼氳瑙嗕负鈥滄棤鐞嗏?銆佲?绂昏氨鈥濓紝鏇翠笉浼氭秹瀚岃繚娉曠姱缃?鈥滈敀閾涘叆鐙扁?銆?br />

銆??閮ㄥ垎娑堣垂鑰呬篃璁や负锛岄粍闈欑储璧旈搴﹁秴瓒婃硶寰嬬孩绾裤?涓?綅缃戝弸璇达細鈥滄垜鍚戞潵灏变笉鍚﹁鎴戜滑鍥藉鏈夊垇姘戠殑瀛樺湪銆傞粍闈欐湰娆插?缁翠慨浜嬩欢澶ц涓?瑪銆傚彲鏄嫯瀛愬彛澶ぇ锛?00涓囩編閲戯紝鍒汉涓嶇瓟搴旓紝鑷繁涔熺悊浜忎究杞?璇存垚绔嬪熀閲戯紝鐪熺殑寰堝ソ绗戙?瑕佺収濂硅繖鏍风储璧旓紝鍏ㄤ腑鍥芥病鏈夊嚑涓晢瀹惰兘澶熸椿涓嬫潵銆傚笇鏈涘晢瀹惰兘浠庢寰楀埌鏁欒锛岀湡姝f剰涔変笂閲嶈娑堣垂鑰呫?缁存潈鏄叏绀句細鐨勫叕鍏辫鍔紝涓嶆槸涓汉璐緱鏃犲帉鐨勫伐鍏凤紝娑堝崗搴斿綋鍙戞尌鐪熸鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ?鈥?br />
銆??鍚戝獟浣撶垎鏂欑畻涓嶇畻鏁茶瘓锛?br />





銆??缃戝弸鈥滈?姘撮潚婧?璇达紝鍚戝獟浣撶垎鏂欐湰鏉ュ氨鏄畬鍏ㄥ悎娉曠殑涓汉琛屼负銆傛湰妗堜腑榛勯潤骞舵病鏈変吉閫犱簨瀹烇紝浠ヨ瘚姣佹薄钄戝崕纭曪紝濂规墍瑕佺垎鐨勬枡瀹屽叏鏄嚜宸遍伃鍒颁镜瀹崇殑浜嬪疄銆傚嵆浣垮ス涓嶉?鍛婂崕纭曢泦鍥紝鐩存帴灏卞悜濯掍綋鐖嗘枡锛屼篃鏈皾涓嶅彲銆傚洜涓鸿繖鏄ス浣滀负涓?釜娑堣垂鑰呭拰鍏皯鎵?韩鏈夌殑鍚堟硶鐨勮█璁鸿嚜鐢卞拰姘戜富鏉冨埄锛?br />


銆??涓浗鏀挎硶澶у鍒戜簨鍙告硶瀛﹂櫌鏁欐巿銆佸崥澹敓瀵煎笀浜庡織鍒氳涓猴紝鏄惁鏋勬垚鏁茶瘓鍕掔储缃殑鏍稿績鍦ㄤ簬瑕佹専琛屼负鏄惁瀛樺湪銆傛湰妗堜腑锛屾秷璐硅?鍑嗗鍚戝獟浣撴洕鍏夋槸涓嶆槸鏁茶瘓鍕掔储缃墍瑕佹眰鐨勮鎸熸墜娈碉紵涓?埇璁や负锛屽悜濯掍綋鏇濆厜鏈韩涓嶅瓨鍦ㄦ褰撲笉姝e綋鐨勯棶棰橈紝浠讳綍浜洪兘鏈夋潈瀵绘眰鏂伴椈鐩戠潱銆傛秷璐硅?鍚戝獟浣撴姇璇夊凡缁忔垚涓虹淮鏉冪殑涓昏鏂规硶锛岃繖浣滀负涓?缁存潈鎵嬫鏄褰撶殑锛屽拰鍚戞硶闄㈣捣璇夋病浠?箞宸埆銆備絾鏄紝鍒板簳鏋勪笉鏋勬垚瑕佹専瑕佽?铏戝悜濯掍綋鏇濆厜鐨勭洰鐨勫拰鎬ц川銆傞鍏堬紝鍦ㄩ?甯告儏鍐典笅锛屾秷璐硅?鍚戝獟浣撴姇璇夛紝涓嶆槸鍊熻繖绉嶅悎娉曠殑鎵嬫杈惧埌闈炴硶鐨勭洰鐨勶紝鑰屾槸涓轰簡璁╁鏂规帴鍙楄禂鍋胯姹傦紝杩欏彲浠ョ悊瑙d负涓?绱㈣禂鐨勭瓥鐣ワ紝鏄褰撶殑銆備絾鏄鏋滆繖绉嶆姇璇夎涓鸿鐢ㄦ潵璋嬪彇杩滆繙瓒呭嚭鍏舵崯澶辩殑銆佷笉姝e綋鐨勫埄鐩婏紝閭d箞杩欑鎶曡瘔褰㈠紡鍙兘灏辫浆鍙樹负鈥滆鎸熲?锛屽叾瀵归潪娉曟敹鍏ョ殑鏈熷緟锛屽湪鏌愪簺绋嬪害涓婂彲浠ョ悊瑙d负鏁茶瘓鍕掔储銆?br />
銆??浜庡織鍒氭暀鎺堟槑纭〃绀猴細鈥滆櫧鐒舵垜涓嶄富寮犲浜庢秷璐硅?鍦ㄧ储璧旀椂婕ぉ瑕佷环瀹氭?涓烘暡璇堝嫆绱紝浣嗛粍鏌愬拰鍛ㄦ煇闄ゆ极澶╄浠峰杩樺▉鑳佽鍚戝獟浣撴洕鍏夛紝骞朵笉鍦ㄤ簬閫氳繃鏇濆厜瑙e喅璧斿伩闂锛屼笉鏄閫氬憡鍏朵粬娑堣垂鑰呬互姝や负閴达紝鑰屾槸灏嗗叾浣滀负杩娇瀵规柟灞堟湇鐨勭牆鐮侊紝鍏舵洕鍏夎涓烘槸涓?瀹㈣鐨勮鎸熸柟寮忥紝搴斿綋璁ゅ畾涓烘暡璇堝嫆绱?鈥?br />
銆??缃戝弸鈥渢akumar鈥濆榛勯潤浣跨敤鈥滈緳鎬濇?鈥濆寲鍚嶆彁鍑鸿川鐤戯細鈥滄槑鏄惧氨鏄暡璇堬紝鐢ㄤ釜鍋囧悕浠ユ洕鍏変负濞佽儊鏁茶瘓500涓囩編鍏冦?缁存潈骞插槢瑕佺敤鍋囧悕锛岃涓嶅緱浜哄晩锛熺洿鎺ヨ捣璇夊濂斤紝鍗庣鏈夋湰浜嬪湪娉曞涵涓婃妸浣犻?浜嗐?榛勯潤鐨勮姹傛棭灏辫秴杩囦簡姝e綋璧斿伩鐨勮姹傦紝灞炰簬浠ユ崯瀹冲悕瑾変负瑕佹専鐨勬暡璇堣涓恒?鈥?br />
銆??娑堣垂绾犵悍鍙告硶濡備綍浠嬪叆锛?br />
銆??榛勯潤缁存潈鏈夋病鏈夎繃閿欙紵璀︽柟璇ヤ笉璇ヤ粙鍏ワ紵榛勯潤缁存潈鐨勮繃绋嬪苟涓嶅鏉傦紝浣嗕粠姘戜簨绾犵悍鍒板垜浜嬩粙鍏ワ紝浠庢甯哥淮鏉冨埌琚叧鎶硷紝绀句細鍚勭晫瀵瑰徃娉曞浣曚粙鍏ユ秷璐圭籂绾风悍绾锋彁鍑哄悇鑷殑鐪嬫硶銆?br />


銆??IP:121.206.195.*缃戝弸鐣欏笘瀵硅鏂广?妫?柟浠嬪叆姘戜簨琛ㄧず璐ㄧ枒锛氬鏋滃綋鍒濋粍闈欎竴寮?灏辫蛋娉曞緥绋嬪簭锛岄偅涔堟垜浠亹鎬曞氨涓嶇煡閬撹繖浠朵簨鎯呬簡銆傝嫢闈為粍闈欏彈浜?95澶╁啢鐙憋紝杩欎欢浜嬩篃鏃╁氨鐭虫矇澶ф捣浜嗐?鎮插搥鍟婏紒浠?箞鏃跺?鎴戜滑娑堣垂鑰呯殑鏉冨埄鑳藉緱鍒扮湡姝g殑淇濋殰锛屼粈涔堟椂鍊欐垜浠殑娑堣垂鑰呴兘鑳藉璧风淮鏉冨憿锛熸湁浜嗚繖浠朵簨浠ュ悗锛岃皝杩樻暍涓鸿嚜宸辩淮鏉冿紵澶у叕鍙告姤涓灏辫兘鎶婂綋鍒濈殑鍙楀鑰呭叧鎶硷紝鎴戜滑杩樿兘鎬庝箞鍔烇紵鍙湁闂媿澶╀簡锛屽ぉ鐞嗕綍鍦紝鍏亾浣曞湪锛屾硶寰嬭繕鑳界浉淇″悧锛熷嵆浣挎硶寰嬫槸鍏鐨勶紝閭h皝鏉ョ洃鐫h繖浜涙墽琛屾硶寰嬬殑浜哄憿锛?br />
銆??缃戝弸鈥滄嬁鐫?壀鍒?贡璺戔?璐ㄧ枒锛岄潰瀵归粍闈欏噯澶囦互500涓囩編鍏冩彁璧锋儵缃氭?绱㈣禂鐨勮瘔璁硷紝鍗庣鍏徃鍒欑敤鏁茶瘓鍕掔储缃悕鎶ヨ鏉ュ簲瀵广?鍏畨鏈哄叧鍜屾瀵熸満鍏冲榛勯潤瀹炴柦閫崟,杩欐槸鍚﹀瓨鍦ㄦ墽娉曞徃娉曟満鍏冲亸鍚亸淇℃垨鑰呰鎶ょ撼绋庡ぇ鎴风殑闂锛?br />
銆??鏌抽暱鐩涘湪鍏跺崥瀹腑鎸囧嚭锛屾斂搴滆禂鍋垮彧鏄繄鍑虹涓?銆傚姙妗堣?鍑洪敊锛屽彲浠ュ蹇嶏紱涓嶈兘瀹瑰繊鐨勬槸鍔炴鑰呰厫璐ワ紝鍥藉涔板崟銆傚洜姝わ紝搴旇鍏紑鈥滅淮鏉冨弽琚叧鈥濈殑鍔炴淇℃伅銆?br />
銆??褰撶劧锛岃鏂逛粙鍏ョ紭浜庡崕纭曟姤妗堛?10鏈?7鏃ュ崕纭曞彂瑷?汉绉帮紝姝ゆ骞堕潪涓?埇鐨勭敤鎴风储璧旈棶棰橈紝鍥犳褰撴椂鍚戝叕瀹夋満鍏虫姤妗堬紝涔嬪悗妗堜欢杩涘叆浜嗗徃娉曠▼搴忋?鐩墠鍗庣鏂归潰杩樻病鏈夋敹鍒伴粍闈欑殑璧疯瘔閫氱煡锛屽崕纭曡〃绀轰細閰嶅悎鍏畨鏈哄叧瀵规浠剁殑璋冩煡銆?br />

銆??鍙︽湁娑堣垂鑰呮彁璁紝涓洪槻姝㈡秷璐硅?鈥滅浜嗏?婕斿寲鎴愬垜浜嬫浠讹紝鍙告硶搴旀彁鍓嶄粙鍏ユ秷璐圭籂绾疯皟瑙c?琚帹鑽愮殑妗堜緥鏄寳浜競瑗垮煄娉曢櫌涓庡尯娑堝崗棣栧垱鈥滄秷璐逛簤璁皟澶勨?鐨勬柊妯″紡锛屾硶瀹樺皢浜茶嚜鍙備笌娑堝崗鐨勮皟瑙g▼搴忎腑锛岃皟瑙d功鏈変簡娉曞緥鏁堝姏銆傚湪娑堝崗璋冭В杩囩▼涓紝娉曞畼鍙備笌璋冭В鐨勫ソ澶勫湪浜庯紝涓?槸鍙互浠ゆ秷璐硅?蹇冮噷鏈夊簳锛岃嚜宸辩┒绔熸湁娌℃湁鐞嗐?杩濅笉杩濊涓?竻浜屾锛涗簩鏄湪璋冭В杩囩▼涓弻鏂硅揪鎴愯皟瑙d功锛屽彲鐢辨硶瀹樺拰涔﹁鍛樼瀛楋紝鐩栨硶闄㈢殑鍏珷锛岃皟瑙d功鍏锋湁鍙告硶寮哄埗鍔涳紝鍙屾柟閮戒笉鑳藉弽鎮斻?涓?棪璋冭В涔﹁揪鎴愶紝濡傛灉鍟嗗涓嶅厬鐜拌禂鍋挎椂锛屾秷璐硅?灏卞彲浠ユ嬁鐫?叿鏈夋硶寰嬫晥鍔涚殑璋冭В涔︾洿鎺ュ悜娉曢櫌鐢宠鎵ц锛岃繖鏍蜂竴鏉ヤ笉鐢ㄨ瘔璁煎氨杈惧埌浜嗚瘔璁肩殑鏁堟灉銆?br />
銆??鍊掗湁鐨勪负浣曟?鏄秷璐硅?锛?br />



銆??2002骞达紝鍝堝皵婊ㄥ競鍗楀矖鍖轰袱鍚嶅叕姘戝娆′粠澶氬鍖婚櫌寮?嚭娌℃湁鎵瑰噯鏂囧彿鐨勮嵂鍝佸悜鍖婚櫌绱㈣楂橀璧斿伩锛岃妫?療鏈哄叧浠ユ暡璇堝嫆绱㈢姜璧疯瘔鑷冲搱灏旀花甯傚崡宀楀尯娉曢櫌銆?br />
銆??2003骞达紝娌冲崡鐪佹睗鍗楀幙寮犵尞闈掑洜娑夊珜鏁茶瘓鍕掔储琚垜浜嬫嫎鐣?鍚屽勾6鏈?5鏃ヨ閫崟銆傛睗鍗楀幙浜烘皯娉曢櫌瀹$悊鍚庤涓猴紝琚憡浜哄紶鐚潚澶氭浠ュ悜涓婄骇鍜屾柊闂婚儴闂ㄥ弽鏄犳睗鍗楀幙鐢典笟鍏徃瀛樺湪鐨勯棶棰樹负鐢憋紝鍒╃敤琚弽鏄犲崟浣嶉瀵兼儳鎬曞奖鍝嶅崟浣嶅0瑾夌殑蹇冪悊锛岀储瑕侀挶鐗╋紝鏈?悗寰楀埌5000鍏冪幇閲戯紝鏁伴杈冨ぇ锛屽叾琛屼负宸叉瀯鎴愭暡璇堝嫆绱㈢姜銆傚紶鐚潚琚垽澶勬湁鏈熷緬鍒?涓湀銆?br />
銆??2004骞达紝娌堥槼甯傛皯鏉庢爲鑼傝喘涔颁簡娌堥槼甯傛煇椋熷搧鍘傜敓浜х殑鏈堥ゼ20鍧楋紝浠栧湪鍏朵腑涓?潡鏈堥ゼ棣呬腑鍙戠幇浜嗘湀楗肩毊锛屾?鐤戞槸闄堥鎵?嚧锛屽悜鐢熶骇鍘傚绱㈣禂5000鍏冿紝鎴愪负杈藉畞绗竴涓妫?療鏈哄叧浠ユ秹瀚岃Е鐘暡璇堝嫆绱㈢姜鎻愯捣鍏瘔鐨勬秷璐硅?銆?br />

銆??鏀跺埌涓?潯鐭俊锛屼互涓烘槸鏈嬪弸鍙戞潵鐨勶紝鍥炶繃鍘荤珶鐒舵崯澶变簡澶х瑪璇濊垂銆傚嚑涔庢瘡涓墜鏈虹敤鎴烽兘鏈夎繃杩欐牱鐨勭粡鍘嗐?鎹?涓浗闈掑勾鎶ャ?鎶ラ亾锛屾箹鍗楃渷姘稿窞甯傜殑闄堟洐鍏変笉鍫璇堢煭淇¢獨鎵帮紝澶氭鐘跺憡閫氫俊杩愯惀鍟嗙储璧旓紝涓嶆兂鍙嶈褰撳湴鐨勯?淇¤繍钀ュ晢璧疯瘔鍏舵暡璇堛?2008骞?鏈?鏃ユ姇璇塖P鐨勪笓涓氭埛闄堟洐鍏夌姱鏁茶瘓鍕掔储缃鍒ゅ鏈夋湡寰掑垜涓?勾锛岀紦鍒戜簩骞淬?銆婁腑鍥介潚骞存姤銆嬪湪鎶ラ亾鏃舵湁杩欐牱涓?璇濓細鍦ㄤ粬鍜岃京鎶ゅ緥甯堢湅鏉ワ紝浠栫殑琚垽鏈夌姜锛屽簲褰撹璁板綍鍦ㄤ腑鍥芥秷璐硅?缁存潈鍙蹭腑銆?br />


銆??娑堣垂鑰呭ぇ閮借涓猴紝缁存潈鏃犺鏄姇璇夎繕鏄捣璇夛紝閮介渶瑕佷笉鑿茬殑閲戦挶銆佹椂闂村拰绮惧姏锛屾墍浠ヤ竴鑸鏉ワ紝娑堣垂鑰呰蛋涓婅繖鏉¢亾璺篃鏄粡杩囧啀涓夋潈琛$殑锛屼笉鍒颁竾涓嶅緱宸诧紝蹇嶆棤鍙繊锛屼笖鏈変竴瀹氳儨璇夌殑鎶婃彙锛屼笉浼氶《杩欎釜椋庯紝鍐掕繖涓櫓銆?br />

銆??缁存潈瀹樺徃璋佽兘绗戝埌鏈?悗锛?br />


銆??浠栬锛屽コ澶у鐢熻鍏充簡10涓湀涔嬩箙锛屼笌鍗庣鏈夊叧绯讳箞锛熷崕纭曞湪涓炬姤鏁茶瘓鍕掔储鍚庯紝杩涘叆鍙告硶绋嬪簭锛屽崕纭曞彧璐熻矗鎵挎媴涓捐瘉鐨勮矗浠伙紝娌℃湁鎵挎媴渚︽煡鍜岃皟鏌ヤ袱琚憡鏄惁鏈夊叧鑱旂殑涔夊姟銆備笉鍚堟硶鎷樼鐨勮矗浠荤敱鍥藉妫?療鏈哄叧鎵挎媴銆?br />
銆??鍙戣〃鍦ㄥ崥閿愪笂鐨勪竴绡囪瘎璁虹殑瑙傜偣涓庡叾鐩稿弽锛氭垜鐪嬪埌(濯掍綋鍏充簬鍗庣缁存潈浜嬩欢鐨勬姤閬?鍚庣殑绗竴鍙嶅簲锛屽氨鏄兂璧蜂簡1999骞寸殑鎭掑崌浜嬩欢銆傚湪閭d竴鍦虹淮鏉冨畼鍙镐腑锛屾渶缁堜互娑堣垂鑰呯帇娲殑璐ヨ瘔(涓?璧斿伩50涓囧厓锛屼簩瀹¤禂鍋?涓囧厓)鑰屽憡缁堛?鎭掑崌90骞翠唬鍒濆競鍦哄崰鏈夌巼鏇剧粡鍦ㄥ墠涓夊悕浠ュ唴銆?998骞撮攢鍞瑪璁版湰鐢佃剳2.53涓囧彴锛岄攢鍞3.6浜垮厓锛屼篃鏄叏鍥界涓?釜鑾峰緱鐢熶骇璁稿彲璇佺殑绗旇鏈數鑴戝巶鍟嗐?浣嗘槸1999骞粹?鐜嬫椽妗堚?涔嬪悗鍛紵鎭掑崌鍙槸鐣欏瓨鍦ㄦ垜浠殑璁板繂涓簡銆?br />
銆??缃戝弸鈥滄嬁鐫?壀鍒?贡璺戔?鎸囧嚭锛岄殢渚挎墦涓?釜鈥滄姇璇夊崕纭曠數鑴戔?鍏抽敭璇嶅湪缃戠粶涓?悳绱紝涓?暱涓茬敤鎴锋姇璇夋浠讹紝鐗瑰埆鏄瑪璁版湰鐢佃剳鎶曡瘔妗堜欢灏辩珛鍗冲憟鐜板湪鐪煎墠銆傚鏋滀竴涓叕鍙歌嚜瑙夎淇¤獕锛岄偅涔堥潰瀵硅川閲忔姇璇夎偗瀹氫細闂昏繃鍒欏枩锛岃?涓旇繕浼氫富鍔ㄥ姹傜敤鎴锋剰瑙侊紝涓诲姩鏀硅繘浜у搧璐ㄩ噺銆備絾鏄紝鍗庣鐨勮〃鐜板嵈鏄枃杩囬グ闈炪?鍗庣鍝?鏄竴涓◢寰闈㈠瓙鐨勫叕鍙革紝涔熶細鎶婂潖浜у搧鎮勬倓鍦版崲鎴愬ソ浜у搧銆傚崕纭曞叕鍙稿湪鍏徃绠?粙涓0绉板湪2005骞磋耽寰楄秴杩?600涓椤广?涓?釜鍏徃骞冲潎姣忓ぉ鑾峰緱4涓椤癸紝灞?浜哄緢闅炬兂璞¤繖閮芥槸涓?簺浠?箞濂栥?浣嗘槸淇楄瘽璇村緱濂斤細鈥滈噾濂栭摱濂栦笉濡傝?鐧惧鐨勫じ濂栵紝閲戞澂閾舵澂涓嶅鑰佺櫨濮撶殑鍙g銆傗?闈㈠鐢ㄦ埛鐨勫ぇ閲忔姇璇夛紝杩?600涓椤逛笉鐭ラ亾杩樻湁澶氬皯鍚噾閲忥紵涓?釜鐜颁唬浼佷笟锛屽崰棰嗗競鍦哄彧鏈変袱浠舵硶瀹氾細涓?釜鏄紭璐ㄤ骇鍝侊紝涓?釜鏄紭璐ㄦ湇鍔°?濡傛灉渚濋潬璇卞瀹d紶锛屼緷闈犳璇堜績閿?紝渚濋潬鍞悗鎶佃禆鍜岀嫛杈╋紝渚濋潬鐚叓鎴掑?鎵撲竴鑰欑殑浼庝咯锛岃繖鏍风殑鍏徃鑳藉闀挎湡鏀拺绔炰簤婵?儓鐨勬秷璐瑰競鍦哄悧锛?br />

銆??缃戝弸鈥滃崕瀛愨?璁や负锛屾妗堝彲鑳芥秹鍙奍ntel鍏徃銆備粬鎸囧嚭锛屾渶杩戜竴骞存潵锛屾帴杩炲嚭鐜板嚑瀹楃瑪璁版湰CPU閫犲亣妗堬紝鍏堟槸钁楀悕PC鍘傚晢鎯犳櫘鐖嗗嚭绗旇鏈珻PU瀛樺湪鎬ц兘缂洪櫡锛岀揣鎺ョ潃鐨勬秷鎭洿鑰镐汉鍚椈锛屽湪鏂拌摑绗旇鏈數鑴戜腑鍙戠幇鐨勬敼閫犺繃鐨凜PU锛屾簮澶寸珶鐩存寚Intel鍏徃銆傝繖涓よ捣椋庢尝灏氭湭瀹屽叏骞虫伅锛屽張鐖嗗嚭鍗庣绗旇鏈亣CPU椋庢尝銆?br />

銆??鏇存湁娑堣垂鑰呭悜鍗庣鏀嫑锛?br />
銆??鈥斺?涓诲姩鏌ユ竻浜嬪疄銆傚鑺墖闂鍥犺嚜宸辫涓烘墍鑷?涓嶇鏄湁鎰忚繕鏄棤鎰忥紝鈥滄棤鎰忚鈥濄?鈥滃け璇鈥濋兘鏄媿鐧界殑杈╄В)锛屼富鍔ㄨ禂绀奸亾姝夛紝鎵挎媴涓?垏鎹熷け銆傜劧鍚庢煡鏄庢児绁哥殑鈥滄祴璇曡姱鐗団?鏉ユ簮锛岃鎵?湁鐨勬秷璐硅?鏈夌煡鎯呮潈锛屽鏋滃繀瑕侊紝鍙互鍙洖锛岀敤涓诲姩濮挎?璧㈠彇璋呰В銆?br />

銆??鈥斺?鐢辨秷璐硅?鍗忎細浣滀负绗笁鏂规満鏋勫崗鍔╄皟鏌ワ紝骞惰璇佷簨浠跺鐞嗗叏杩囩▼銆?br />
銆??鈥斺?涓婅堪姝ラ閮藉仛瀹屽悗锛屽氨鍙互闈欒鍏跺彉銆傛棤璁烘秷璐硅?鎻愯捣缁存潈璇夎锛岃繕鏄悜濯掍綋鏇濆厜锛屽崕纭曢兘浼氬洜浜嬪墠鐨勫Э鎬佷笌琛屼负鑰屽崰鎹富鍔紝璧㈠緱璋呰В銆?br />
銆??涓浗鐨勬秷璐硅?缇や綋锛屽叾瀹炴槸涓栫晫涓婃渶澶у害銆佹渶瀹藉鐨勬秷璐圭兢浣撱?濡傛灉鍗庣鎸変笂杩版?璺幓鍋氾紝璐熼潰褰卞搷鍙互闄嶈嚦鏈?綆銆?br />

銆??涓夊ぉ瑁傚睆锛氬崕纭曠敤鎴疯瑕佽娉?br />
銆??9鏈?鏃ワ紝瀹朵綇闄曡タ鐪佽タ瀹夊競鐨勬潹濂冲+鍚戞湰鍒婅鑰呭弽鏄狅紝绉板叾鑺卞嚑鍗冨厓璐拱鐨勫崕纭曠瑪璁版湰鐢佃剳浣跨敤涓嶅埌3澶╋紝灞忓箷灏卞嚭鐜拌缂濄?鍘傚晢鍦ㄦ湭杩涜浠讳綍妫?祴鐨勬儏鍐典笅锛岃涓烘槸鐢辨秷璐硅?浜轰负閫犳垚锛屾嫆缁濇壙鎷呭厤璐逛繚淇箟鍔°?娑堣垂鑰呭鏂瑰姹傚府鍔╋紝闂浠嶆湭瑙e喅銆傚湪鏈垔鐨勬姇璇夊鐞嗚拷韪悗锛屽巶鍟嗗凡鍚屾剰涓烘秷璐硅?鍏嶈垂鏇存崲銆?br />
銆??娑堣垂鑰咃細姝e父浣跨敤3澶╅伃閬囧睆瑁?br />

銆??娆℃棩锛屽綋鏉ㄥコ澹刀鍒板崕纭曡禌鏍肩淮淇偣锛屼竴浣嶅钖涚殑宸ヤ綔浜哄憳鍦ㄧ◢鍔犳煡鐪嬩簡鐢佃剳鍚庤〃绀猴細鈥滆繖鏄鍔涢?鎴愮殑锛屼笉浼氭槸浜у搧璐ㄩ噺闂锛屼笉灞炰簬淇濅慨鑼冨洿锛屽闇?崲娑叉櫠灞忓箷涔熷彧鑳芥湁鍋跨淮淇?鈥?br />


銆??鍗庣锛氫笉鐢ㄦ娴嬪氨鍙互鍒ゅ畾灞炰汉涓烘崯鍧?br />


銆??鍥藉璁$畻鏈鸿川妫?腑蹇冿細椤绘娴嬫墠鑳界‘瀹氬師鍥?br />
銆??涓烘锛岃鑰呯數璇濋噰璁夸簡鍥藉璁$畻鏈鸿川閲忕洃鐫f楠屼腑蹇冿紝璇ヤ腑蹇冨伐浣滀汉鍛樺憡璇夎鑰咃細涓洪伩鍏嶈繖绉嶆儏鍐碉紝涓?簺鍘傚鐢熶骇鐨勬恫鏅跺懆鍥寸殑灞忔鍗佸垎鏌旇蒋锛岀敋鑷冲拰娑叉櫠闈㈠樊涓嶅寮哄害銆傝交鎸夋煍杞殑灞忔锛屾恫鏅朵細鍑虹幇涓ラ噸鐨勬尝鍔ㄥ彉鍨嬶紝浼间箮灞忔涔熸垚浜嗘恫鏅剁殑涓?儴鍒嗐?浣嗗鏋滄妸灞忔鍋氬緱寰堢‖鏈楋紝鍦ㄥ紑鍚堝睆鐩栨椂锛屼竴鏃︾敤鍔涗笉骞宠 锛屽氨寰堝鏄撲激鍙婃恫鏅讹紝涓ラ噸鐨勫氨浼氬嚭鐜拌缂濄?

銆??鍙﹀锛屽湪涓?簺浣庣绗旇鏈笂锛岄《鐩栫柌杞殑娑叉櫠灞忎笉闅捐鍒帮紝鍗虫墍璋撶殑鈥滄按娉㈢汗鈥濈幇璞°?杩欑鐜拌薄浜х敓鐨勪富瑕佸師鍥犳槸锛氶《鐩栨潗鏂欏己搴︿笉澶熸垨鑰呴《鐩栧姏瀛︾粨鏋勮璁℃瑺缂恒?杩囦簬鏌斿急鐨勯《鐩栭?鎴愮殑鐩存帴鍚庢灉鏄瑪璁版湰鐢佃剳浣跨敤涓?鏃堕棿鍚庯紝灏ゅ叾瀵逛範鎯崟鎵嬪紑鐩栫殑鐢ㄦ埛锛屾恫鏅跺睆浼氬嚭鐜拌捣浼忎笉骞炽?宸﹀彸涓嶅绉般?鍏冲悎涓嶄弗绛夋儏鍐点?褰撶劧锛岃繖绉嶅悗鏋滆繕绠楁槸杞诲井鐨勶紝鏌斿急鐨勯《鐩栧湪灞忓箷閬亣鍐叉挒鏃朵笉鑳藉緢濂藉湴淇濇姢灞忓箷锛屽嚭鐜板睆瑁傦紝鐢氳嚦灞忓箷绮夌銆?br />



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Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting Started with Corel Draw 10 (4) hands to create vector graphics (1)

After the previous explanation, I believe we already know of several functional modules CorelDRAW, and now with the use of previous knowledge to create their own vector graphics it!

Let's look at renderings, is a reflection in the water of the city night. Production need to use the main tools: rectangle tool, circle tool, polygon tool, interactive tools to reconcile.

First, draw the city's buildings

Figure with Rectangle tool to draw a few boxes of different sizes, select them, through the Arrange -> Align & Distribute dialog transferred out of alignment distribution, select the Botton (the bottom of the alignment), confirmed, the right Click the center of these objects control points inside the pop-up menu select the Group (Group) to enable them to always together.

The next drawing of the building windows, steps slightly more complicated, but it is a key part of the work, please watch carefully the presentation:
A tool to draw a small rectangular box;
2 mouse to move the center of the rectangle, the direction will become a cross-type, click the left mouse button and hold down the Ctrl key, then turn right drag the small box to the right place, then do not release the left mouse button , press the right mouse button, the cursor will turn into an arrow with the +, release the hand, a level of alignment with the original box the box will be copied out.
3 Select the interactive reconciliation tool, click the box to the left, following the left mouse button drag to the right of the box, the box 20, like first touch was "reconciled" out.
420 ideographic too much to reconcile in the property column enter the number of which 4, press Enter, you draw 4 squares of the harmonic.
5 Right-points in the second box, inside the pop-up menu choose Break Blend Group Apart (dispersed harmonic group).
6 again, right-click the second box, inside the pop-up menu select Group (group).
7 Repeat step 2, copy the line in the box below
8 Repeat step 3, interaction in the two groups to reconcile the use of grid to generate a square matrix.

Note: The above operation looks a bit to find people to feel not mind, now look at some explanations related to

On the Ctrl key:

Drag the object while holding down the Ctrl key, the object is bound into either move up or down, or move around, but not both simultaneously move in both directions.
Rotate the object while holding down the Ctrl key, rotate will be fixed at 15 degree increments of rotation, in the Tools-> Options-> Edit-> Constrain Angle 15 degrees on the default to be modified.
Change when the object size, size will be integer multiples of the scale.
When creating graphics 鎸夌潃 Ctrl key to create a working graphics, such as square, are round (instead of ordinary rectangular and oval)
Using the Interactive Fountain Fill (interactive gradient fill) hold down the Ctrl key when, filling the angle will be 15 degree increments.
Select an object (the object then appears around the control handle 8), hold down the Ctrl key, the control handle relative to the direction of dragging a control handle, you can create objects in horizontal, vertical and 45 degree mirror.
Step 2 complex on mouse operations:

Drag an object and click before releasing the left-right, it will copy an object, another with a small + sign on the keyboard can also copy an object.

On the "beaten to reconcile group":

Harmonic generated by using two objects, can be seen as a special relationship with associated groups, the group which all objects are the source and destination object shape, color, location control, can not be independent. When we do not need this kind of restraint when you can use the "broken up reconciliation group" to make ordinary objects into groups.

Note: Harmonic group does not include source and destination object

About Group (Group) interaction reconcile:

Harmonic can be used for group interaction, the above step 6 is to reconcile before the group, the source and destination object group up, then talk to another group to interact reconcile.

Are coupled to each one building windows, and group together all the windows, and finally get this results:


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Thursday, September 23, 2010

To Yushu in Qinghai Province earthquake in mourning the dead and injured

At 7:49 on April 14, 2010, Qinghai Province, Yushu County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture earthquake of magnitude 7.1, focal depth 33 km. As of 8:00 p.m. the evening of April 19, Yushu earthquake victims has reached 2039 people staff, 195 people missing, injured 12,135 people, injured 1434.

After the earthquake announcement, our company launched the activities staff contributions and condolences to those compatriots who died in the earthquake.

In this way, for every visitor to say: "Thank you for your concern Yushu earthquake, and also thank you for your concern and support for our company!"

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Used to create automatic play music listening Pros CD

Burn music CD, is a required course for music lovers, but how to create automatic play audio CDs? If you are listening Pros, surrounded by those listening Pros would use to achieve it.

Hard disk partition on the selected MP3 music files a save folder, here assumed to be "E: Mp3". Open listening Pros installation directory (default is "C: Program FilesTTPlayer"), to which all of the files are copied to the "E: Mp3" folder. At the same time will need to burn MP3 music files and lyrics files are also copied to the "E: Mp3" folder. Double-click the "E: Mp3" directory "TTPlayer.exe" file to start listening Pros, in its main interface, click the "Play File" button to "E: Mp3" directory of all MP3 file into listening Pros the play list.

Listening Pros main interface in the right menu, click on the "chien Options" in the options window on the left navigation bar, click on "Play", and in the right window, check "program starts automatically play" items Click "Save All" button to save the settings.

In the "E: Mp3" folder, create a new text document, enter the following:


Open = TTPlayer.exe

After the save it as Autorun.inf file. Use Nero burning software such as "E: Mp3" in all the papers are all burned to CD. Thus, as long as Windows opens the CD-ROM AutoPlay feature, then put in the CD drive made in accordance with the above method MP3 music discs, CD-ROM root directory of the system according to the Autorun.inf, will automatically start listening Pros, listening Pros By default, the playlist, it can automatically play MP3 music.

If Windows does not open automatically playback, so users need only right-aligned drive select "Auto Play" will automatically play MP3 music.

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